How to Avoid Howling?

Friday, 29 January 2021 by

Howling is a common problem in saxophone playing. I believe that many people have encountered it in the process of playing, so how to avoid howling? Howling can be avoided by solving the following four problems. The first is the shadow of the heart. Most people have this kind of shadow, because the influence of

FAQ for Sax

Thursday, 28 January 2021 by

It is well known that the most important thing in playing saxophone is to practice basic skills. So how should the basic function be practiced? For beginners, breath, mouth shape, vomiting, fingering, and even posture are basic skills. But regarding the level high friend, the substitution fingering, slides, the trill and so on skill also

Common Problems When Blowing Saxophone

Wednesday, 27 January 2021 by

  First, why can not determine the accompaniment mode? There are three conditions, first, you must be able to sing score, second, have a good pitch discrimination, third, to be familiar with all the modes of saxophone fingering. Is it right to play saxophone on the second point? The “timbre” here refers to the unique

    Many friends can not respond to blowing saxophone when blowing a smooth, coherent feeling, then caused by fingering is not coherent what a few reasons? The first is that the transition from one note to the next is too stiff. They can not reach the keys, and a note of a sound to

    When learning saxophone, imitating the original song is a good reference.But when playing saxophone, many friends follow the demonstration. While playing, demonstrations can only help you with rhythm and some ornamental notes. So it’s easy to overlook an important aspect of the idea of demonstrators. Learning can begin with imitation. Saxophone friends are

What’s the point of studying saxophone?

Wednesday, 20 January 2021 by

A lot of Sayou used his main energy to improve the technology. Of course, playing saxophone well, no good technology is certainly not. But beyond that, good music is also very important. Music accomplishment is not only limited to music, but also involves all aspects of life and work. We admire skilled performers, but we

What is a triplet? Many people say they can’t play triplets. Triplet is in the notation upper and lower side with a horizontal line.There are two connecting lines connected with the note of 3, connected together that is 3.   The essence of a triplet is to complete three notes in one beat. The notes

How long do you practice playing saxophone every day? What do you practice every day? Let me introduce a learning method. This is an exercise designed by jazz saxophonist Elic for music practitioners who want to reduce their training time. The point of this exercise is to create a daily practice template for the performer.

How to play a song more excellent?

Friday, 08 January 2021 by

You need a lot of emotion and control if you want to play a song more excellent. Good saxophones have curves in addition to good timbre. Play a song with a clear distinction between strong and weak. In addition, with good trill and playing skills, you can play a song very well. You can’t pick

In the winter, many people react that they cannot play outdoors, and how can they practice saxophone at home without disturbing others without a mute? The performance of the saxophone must be carried out with solid basic skills. When a method does not work, we must find another way to practice the saxophone. 1.You can


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