Satisfied with the use of a few simple fingering techniques There are seven frequently-used tenses in midrange. They are E flat, B flat, C flat, F flat, G flat, D flat, and five less frequently-used tenses. Fall E and fall B is a start to learn, so will be more familiar, we like to use

How to Choose Dental Pad Correctly?

Wednesday, 24 February 2021 by

  A lot of people say tooth cushion still need to choose.But do not underestimate this small dental pad, its role is not trivial. Dental pad in normal circumstances play two roles, first is the role of fixed teeth. Play a supporting role in your intonation and up slide technique. Another thing is that it

There are many requirements for a good tune. Mainly is two big aspects, one is to the song control ability, one is to saxophone control ability. Most teachers will say that in the beginning do not pursue the feeling of the song, let you first practice their basic skills of saxophone, so in the early

  If the intonation is within the range of our familiar fingering, use the intonation and respect the intonation. The best range of saxophone sounds is from the bass to the alto 1 and then to the treble 1. You can also add individual bass and individual treble frequencies, so consider whether you can use

  Whether you’re an amateur saxophone or a professional saxophone practitioner, every day you pick up a saxophone and think about what you practice first. Although each person’s ability is different, the practice custom and the method are different, but all has own practice pattern. Here are my own practice patterns: The first one to

  The first problem: you can’t let go of the saxophone at home and can’t play freely. The common problem of friends who have been playing the saxophone at home for a long time is that they cannot play freely, resulting in insufficient breath and inability to produce the timbre of the saxophone. If you


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