My first experience with saxophone

Tuesday, 30 March 2021 by

The first time I came into contact with Saxophone was when I was very young. I remember hearing the sounds coming from a house with a yard in the evening. I didn’t know it was the sax. I didn’t know it was saxophone until I saw it on TV once. At that time, the sound

The first point is that you should find a professional teacher to study for the sake of exams and your own hobbies. Remember that you can’t find other teachers to teach you. There are few people learning saxophone and fewer teachers. Good teachers are the key. The second point is that you must practice basic

An eatery stand, a handful of saxophones, an old man of sixty interprets his life in a funny way. A 60-year-old man in the market sells cakes here. In his spare time, he plays a few songs with a saxophone. The beautiful and moving melody attracted many music lovers to come and sing along. When

How to distinguish the saxophone?

Tuesday, 23 March 2021 by

  1. Appearance and workmanship First, check whether the tube body has any artificial damage such as bumps, scratches, cracks, etc., and whether the joints are firm; whether the keys are bent and deformed under normal pressure; Is the gap between the link rod and the link rod too large, otherwise the keys cannot close

Regardless of saxophone or any kind of musical instrument, mastering good music theory is a very important foundation. If you don’t have this foundation, it will greatly affect your journey of learning music. Sayous often say this, I don’t want to learn to a high level. I just want to enrich my hobbies.I don’t want

Be enthusiastic and persistent about everything. Learning saxophone first need to be clear about their goals, each stage to set their own goals. This gives you a sense of accomplishment and motivation to keep learning. The second point is that you learn different intentions, the level of practice is also different. It is best not

How to improve saxophone level quickly?

Thursday, 11 March 2021 by

As the practice saxophone time increases, level also is improving gradually. How can you make progress faster? In addition to hard work outside the practice, to be able to find their own shortcomings, to identify their own problems is also the key to learning saxophone. Only when problems are discovered and solutions found can victory

  Playing a fascinating, engaging piece of music in saxophone is definitely what we saxophone amateurs want to achieve. The question seems simple, but how to play this piece of music well? Because there are so many factors involved in playing a good tune, some are born, some are acquired. It is the combination of

How to use mouth shape to adjust sax intonation? We all know that in saxophone playing although not adjust intonation, but in the process of playing intonation is very important. High pitches and low pitches affect not only saxophone tunes, but also saxophone practice, when using a tuner. So do you know what factors affect

First, musical instruments. But the basic performance of the instrument must be able to meet the requirements of learning, or because of the instrument problem will delay the progress of learning. The most terrible thing is that a problematic instrument will make the learner develop a lot of specific performance problems, which will be a


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