If you want to play a saxophone piece to your own taste, then you must pay attention to the following details: The first point is to grasp the style of the song. What kind of artistic conception it focuses on or what kind of story it expresses are all preparations that we have to do

Many people must have heard the classic song Going Home. Whether it is after school, when the restaurant is closed in the mall, or even when you are rushing to the Spring Festival, this song must accompany you. When I was a child, I didn’t know what kind of instrument was playing this song, but

1. The wrong concept of timbre The saxophone can express the expressiveness of the music from weak to strong, or from strong to weak to weaker. For a long time, people often think that the sound of the saxophone is good, and that it is enough to blow the sound. However, some people only pursue

What’s Good for Kids to Learn Sax?

Sunday, 25 April 2021 by

Children learn saxophones at an early age, or learn any wind instrument or other instrument, including singing, can cultivate sentiment. Saxophone is an elegant jazz music. So I’m going to talk about the benefits. Kids ho play saxophone are very responsive. It also stimulates the development of brain cells. It can stimulate the growth of

Often heard the teacher said to open the throat, out of the voice is full. Many Sayou do not know how to open the throat, the following talk about the open throat training method! First, the method of yawning refers to the method used to lower the throat and expand the pharynx cavity in blowing

How to maintain the reed?

Thursday, 22 April 2021 by

Many people take care of the saxophone every day, but not the reed. The reed would have been either distorted over time or moldy. Mold is particularly bad in spring and summer, so I’ll explain how to maintain the reed. First of all, the reeds are made of reeds, so it is necessary to reed

If the note is the body, the rhythm is its soul. How do we control the rhythm when we play or practice saxophone? Pop and rock music to 4\ 4 beat, 2\ 4 beat as the main rhythm, it is recommended that everyone hit two beats per bar to establish rhythm, to avoid four beats

Stimulate the balanced development of both sides of the brain Saxophone’s fingering is largely controlled with both hands. Other instruments even use feet or beat time, so it helps balance the left and right hemispheres. Developing appreciation of music and art Going Home, as we all know, is probably the most popular saxophone during the

Ten Benefits of Learning Music

Saturday, 17 April 2021 by

Promote balanced development of the left and right hemispheres Most instruments require control with both hands, or even feet or feet to beat time, so this is a great help in balancing the left and right hemispheres. Cultivate appreciation of music and art Learning to play musical instruments is not just a matter of technical

The first thing to realize is that not everything happens overnight, even though saxophones are the best instruments to learn to play. Many sayou feel that they learn saxophone time is not short, will play a lot of songs, but why can not always achieve the desired effect. So let’s see if our approach is


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