Many saxophone friends are very good at playing saxophone, but they don’t know how to take care of their saxophone, and they often put them aside after playing. If you put it at your fingertips, the weather in some areas is very humid and hot, and it will not take long for acid reflux or

You may have heard many people’s saxophone performances, including amateur performances, and demonstrations by many masters. When we learn the merits of others, have we seriously studied why some people blow only the accumulation of notes? Why do some people just feel skilled but lack sound? Why do some people use various techniques but still

  There is often a situation where a friend prefers a saxophone wrapped in a plastic bag when buying a saxophone, that is, the saxophone that has not been opened will ask for it by name. It is not difficult for us to analyze that most people who are very demanding or obsessed with unopening

There are a lot of saxophone friends who often react to the reason why the new mouthpiece of saxophone can’t blow sound. Many people change from bakelite to metal mouthpiece or from metal to bakelite. In short, they are excessive. Time can’t fit the mouthpiece. This is because the mouthpiece itself has the problem of

  The ROLLINS saxophone takes ten days to complete the keystroke test at a frequency of 5 times per second. Achieving 4,320,000 uninterrupted clicks in 240 hours, equivalent to about 50 years for a normal player. After testing the number of saxophone key presses, the saxophone did not show any abnormality, and the playing feel

We all know that in the process of saxophone playing, the rhythm is the soul of the song. A person’s sense of music fundamentally determines the level of a saxophone music. There are many friends around me who have been playing the saxophone for several years or even a dozen years. After listening to their

Many sax friends often report that they want to play with the accompaniment when they practice the basics or the breath is similar, but they find that there are many problems when following the accompaniment, and they feel uncomfortable. They often encounter some problems such as:   They don’t know where to keep up with

The first point is that you should choose a good quality instrument, which is very necessary. Because in the beginning you need a good quality instrument to work with you. It will give you a good musical feel, much better than the inferior ones. The theory of buying a cheap saxophone and doing it at


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