If you are a person who does things well and likes everything to be done step by step, your learning method will depend on “accumulation” in a down-to-earth manner. Only rich experience is the source of your confidence. For many questions, you will ask a few more “Why is this so?”. As long as you

How to blow the saxophone emotionally? There have been many discussions about the performance of the taste of the song. Especially for a large number of emotional songs, we need to express the feelings in our hearts by controlling the strength of the playing atmosphere. The handling of the attack of the instrument is even

Is there a lot of saxophone players who often start to play the tune from beginning to end when practicing saxophone, practice over and over again, in fact, the efficiency of this kind of practice is very low. But later you will find that after a long time, your progress is not very obvious, and

First of all, we must know that there will be problems when learning any musical instrument and any skill. When encountering problems, we must not panic. We must face these problems bravely and face them. So what problems do you encounter when learning the saxophone? The saxophone’s tenor, tenor and treble problems are not the


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