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How Can You Improve Your Saxophone Tone?

Thursday, 02 December 2021 by

In order to further improve the sound of the saxophone, you need to do a good job in the following aspects. The first point is the hardware. Before playing the saxophone, the hardware equipment of the saxophone should be debugged. What does the hardware include: the flexibility of the keys, the leakage of the tube

If you are a person who does things well and likes everything to be done step by step, your learning method will depend on “accumulation” in a down-to-earth manner. Only rich experience is the source of your confidence. For many questions, you will ask a few more “Why is this so?”. As long as you

Is there a lot of saxophone players who often start to play the tune from beginning to end when practicing saxophone, practice over and over again, in fact, the efficiency of this kind of practice is very low. But later you will find that after a long time, your progress is not very obvious, and

First of all, we must know that there will be problems when learning any musical instrument and any skill. When encountering problems, we must not panic. We must face these problems bravely and face them. So what problems do you encounter when learning the saxophone? The saxophone’s tenor, tenor and treble problems are not the

How to choose a suitable saxophone for beginner friends First you need to know the type of saxophone. There is soprano saxophone, which is divided into small curved soprano and straight soprano saxophone. For example, the classic saxophone music”Going Home”, which we are familiar with, is the work of Kenny.G, a master of straight soprano

What is saxophone’s sense of timbre?

Monday, 13 September 2021 by

  Wrong concept of timbre Saxophone can be weak to strong performance of the music, also can be strong to weak to double weak performance. Since long term people often thinks saxophone gives out sound “ring” it is good, feel blow a sound to go, but some people pursue volume one-sided only and despised timbre.

In the process of learning saxophone, having a good hand experience is very helpful for saxophone learning. This is because the comfort of your hand determines how fast you can practice and how much you like to play. A comfortable saxophone make you relaxed overall. People are completely different when they are relaxed or stressed.

It has been a long time since we discussed the difference between classical saxophone and jazz. Many people believe that classical music is the foundation, and if the foundation is not good, we should not say jazz. For the moment, we should not pursue the right and wrong of this. That is to say, without

Not only the saxophone, but learning any instrument requires patience. Sufficient patience can exercise the mind of a saxophonist. Practice has proved that not everything can be done right away. A person’s saxophone skills cannot be mastered in a short time. It requires your perseverance and unremitting efforts for a long time. Many people often have various problems when learning saxophone, and they should find the reasons from themselves. The first point is that when you first learn the saxophone, picking up the sax must first learn a basic fingering (such as E flat or B flat). Many people can’t wait to play a tune they are familiar with as soon as they understand fingering. As a result, due to their poor breath control, the sound that comes out is dry and not full. The second point is that you learn a second or even a third fingering when you have just learned a fingering and you are not familiar with it. As a result, your fingers are fighting, and you can’t understand any of them. The third is when you get some advice from your teacher or friends, you want to see the effect immediately. As everyone knows, the habit of playing saxophone needs to be adjusted slowly, and a new habit can be developed to completely solve the original problem. The fourth is when you hear a song, you can’t wait to play it again. When you finish playing it once, you feel satisfied that you can play the piece and it is complete, and you no longer seriously think about the performance method and details of the piece. The fifth is in the process of practicing a piece, finishing each piece too quickly instead of being very serious about getting each note to sound the right tone Sixth, people suspect that there is something wrong with their accessories due to their lack of breathing practice and control. So they inquired about all kinds of things such as mouthpieces, reeds, stereos and even effects, trying to use these equipment to make up for their lack of ability. The seventh is that people have doubts in a certain area, and hope to solve them through a few lessons or the teacher’s guidance. But in fact, any learned skills cannot be deeply keep in mind without long-term practice. Even “bad habits” that are developed due to the inadequacy of your original method will take longer to correct with proper practice. If you want to improve yourself, you can divide some of the things you need to do every day, the content of the exercises, and slowly overcome them one part at a time. You can start from the following 6 aspects: 1. Basic skills (Including long tone, accent, fingering, etc.) 2. Etudes (Including any music you like); 3. Music appreciation (Cultivating your own music appreciation); 4.Sing 5. The secondary creation of the song; 6. The key study for yourselves problems, etc.;


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