Rollins’ brand culture has both quality and strength

Rollins,a originate from French saxophone brand.

The Rollins saxophone was designed by Mr. Fred, the founder of the internationally renowned saxophone brand French Selma Factory. On the basis of inheriting the unique craftsmanship and artistic soul of the French SELMER saxophone, it was fully integrated into Mr. Fred’s unique understanding of the saxophone. A fine saxophone with a mellow, powerful sound.

In terms of the paint and material of the tube body, Rollins selected the best German brass and the traditional cellulose formula to ensure that each tube body can have good vibration; in the button design and other accessories, Rollins has inherited the classic craftsmanship of SELMER saxophone. At the same time, it improves the playing habits of contemporary musicians to ensure that its playing sense is as light and sensitive as the SELMER saxophone in the middle ages, which is more in line with the playing habits of contemporary people, making the playing more arbitrary and natural and comfortable.

When he first came into contact with the production of saxophone, the teacher said a word in Mr. Fred’s ear. At that time, Mr. Fred did not understand the meaning of this sentence, but nodded in agreement.

Later, at the beginning of every study session, the teacher would always say the same thing to Mr. Fred. As a beginner, he occasionally felt that the teacher was long-winded, but he still wrote this sentence into his heart , and seriously studied the saxophone production process. He has been studying for over ten years.

More than a decade later, many saxophone factories have adopted modern technology to increase production, but Mr. Fred’s factory has always insisted on handmade. Mr. Fred asked the teacher for answers, but the teacher brought out two completely different saxophones. One is a product from another factory, and the other is a saxophone made by the teacher himself. When the teacher played the same piece on two saxophones respectively, Mr. Fred was surprised to find that the saxophone made by the teacher not only had a mellow tone, but also was deeper and more powerful. Its timbre is like being pulled by countless threads, causing the body to dance uncontrollably. Since then, Mr. Fred really understood the meaning of that sentence, and also touched the true meaning of high-quality saxophone production.

After that, Mr. Fred worked hard to learn the high-end saxophone production technology, and after years of experience and evaluation by many famous musicians, he eventually grew into an international senior saxophone master. After becoming famous, Mr. Fred made innovative designs on the basis of the early MARK VI prototype and the late SELMER SUPER BALANCED ACTION (SELMER SBA), produced a variety of saxophone products that inherited the essence of the French SELMER saxophone, and created his own saxophone brand—— ROLLINS.

In order to bring ROLLINS fine saxophone to everyone who likes saxophone and music in the world, we will give you the most perfect music. ROLLINS has fully entered the Chinese market and opened an exclusive brand with the help and support of Mr. Liu Dongsheng, the general agent in China. In addition, he also sells it on the Internet, just so that Chinese friends who love saxophone can have high-quality saxophone, and create the most wonderful music with the most perfect and mellow tone.


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