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RollinsMusical Instruments Hebei Co., Ltd.



Company Introduction

  Rollins Musical Instruments Hebei Co., Ltd. is an enterprise mainly engaged in importing high-quality saxophone. It has become the exclusive agent and distributor of Rollins, a well-known French saxophone brand in China.

Since the establishment of the company, Rollins Musical Instruments Hebei Co., Ltd. has established the quality concept of "Abide by the quality and create the perfect sound quality". The company strictly controls the quality audit of saxophone and other musical instruments to ensure that every Rollins musical instrument circulating in the market can have perfect sound quality, creating a good playing experience and first-class superior audio-visual effects for each customer.

In terms of talent selection, Rollins Musical Instruments Hebei Co., Ltd. adheres to the selection concept of "Knowing people and making good use of them, morality first", and regularly conducts quality control and personal quality training for corporate talents and employees, so as to improve comprehensively. In addition to the value of the employees themselves, the strict audit standards for the product quality of the employees have also been simultaneously improved, providing important guarantees for the high-end quality of musical instrument products.


Product Introduction:

  The Rollins brand originated from the French saxophone

Rollins saxophone is designed by Mr. FRED, a master craftsman from the Selmer factory in France, an internationally renowned saxophone brand. On the basis of inheriting the unique craftsmanship and artistic soul of the French Selmer saxophone, it is fully integrated into Mr. FRED. The unique concept of saxophone has forged a fine saxophone with a mellow, vigorous and powerful sound.

Rollins saxophone is based on the early Mark VI prototype and the late Selmer Balanced Action (Selmer SBA).It selects the finest German brass and incorporates a unique production process.It is assembled in Taiwan.

As a gathering place for contemporary music and artworks, Taiwan not only possesses world-class saxophone production and assembly technology, but also directly reduces or exempts various tariffs and tariffs that should be attached to the product's own value due to its own transportation convenience and smooth connection. The labor cost makes Rollins saxophone with high-end quality and a good price advantage, and it has become the most cost-effective saxophone product in the Chinese domestic market.

Rollins saxophone products are divided into soprano saxophone, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone, saxophone accessories and so on.Click to learn about Rollins series



Company Culture

  Enterprise Positioning - Marketing enterprise of high-quality saxophone and other musical instruments.

Enterprise Vision - Strive to grow into a first-class musical instrument marketing company in China, deliver higher-quality musical instruments to hundreds of millions of people, and create more excellent audio-visual enjoyment for the public.

Enterprise Development Concept - Abide by the concept of quality and create perfect sound quality.


Enterprise Team

  There are 20 employees at Rollins Musical Instruments Hebei Co., Ltd.. Among them, there are not only well-known musicians with many years of saxophone quality inspection experience and performance experience, but also senior operators who are familiar with modern marketing systems and effectively operate and promote the company's own products, and some are proficient in Internet technology to build excellent e-commerce platforms for enterprises Technology practitioners who provide customers with high-quality purchasing services.They help each other, go hand in hand, and use high-quality musical instruments and high-quality and efficient services to create a superior and comfortable shopping experience and unique and perfect playing enjoyment for every customer.

Enterprise Humanistic Philosophy

  • Quality - Every employee of Rollins Musical Instruments Hebei Co., Ltd. believes that quality is not only the company's commitment to society, but also the life of the company
  • Morality——Only people with high moral character can stick to their own standards and abide by the quality from the beginning to the end.
  • Enthusiasm - Enthusiasm for work can make people devote themselves wholeheartedly; enthusiasm for customers will make us serve more attentively.
  • Decisive - Right and wrong, clear judgment.
  • Mobility - Efficient execution, rapid operation, and long-term development.




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