The Saxophone Story

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Sax is named after Adolphe Antoine Sax. He was the father of Saxophone. He invented the first sax in 1842.

At the age of 15, Adolf Sachs excelled on the flute and clarinet, and showed different talents. At the same time, it was because he improved the clarinet that it became a standard member of the symphony. The local Belgian government praised this and awarded Adolf a second prize at an exhibition, but Adolf Sachs went to Paris disappointed that he had not won the first prize.

In 1842, his good friend Berlioz was impressed by Adolf Sachs’ invention of an E-flat upper-bass voice. Berlioz was also one of the most influential musicians in Europe. He took a keen interest in the instrument invented by Adolf Sachs in various media. Saxophone became known in Belgium, where he said it was the most human instrument, and was promoted both inside and outside Belgium.

There are four types of saxophones currently on the market, Soprano saxophone, Alto saxophone, Tenor saxophone and Baritone saxophone.


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