How to distinguish a saxophone?

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First of all look at the paint. The surface is smooth and free of running paint or burrs, uniform in color and bright. This is good sax.
Second look at carving. Carving is divided into manual carving and machine carving. Hand carving is when a craftsman cuts with a knife. It takes time, but the carved flowers very beautiful.
Third look at straightness. If the tube opening and tube body and reflective area are aligned. No dent, no crooked, no good sax.
The fourth point is the key and tube body welding.
The fifth point is the indentation of the leather pad. Good cushions have shallow indentations. Indentation too deep for a long time will rebound leading to poor airtightness.
The sixth point is that Saxophone springs must be straight, there will be no bending.
Finally look at the craft. Good Saxophone Forging and tempering must be the best, except for the sound of vibrating copper. Another is a good saxophone no matter how long placed, its stability is also very good.


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