How can saxophone beginners quickly lay the foundation?

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Mainly from the following three aspects to learn Sax:
I. Control reed
The reed is one of the main articulators. The control of reed is one of the key factors to determine the sound quality and saturation of saxophone. Reed repair to their own breath to adjust. Too loose lips lead to loose tone and insufficient fullness. Tight mouth control can lead to high pitch or screaming noise. The control of reed is the key to saxophone sound quality.
II、 Mouth Strength, Breath and Whistle
When the whistle is too big or the lips are loose, the breath needs to be strengthened so that the intonation and timbre can reach the fullness. The whistle was too big and tiring. Whistle control is small and easy when playing bass, so lip force control is another key factor in determining saturation of saxophone quality timbre. It’s easy to master lip control.
III、 Saxophone fingering
Skillful saxophone fingering will help you learn faster.



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