Learning Saxophone for Beginners

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Saxophone is a instrument that older people are happy to learn, because in addition to the piano, drums and other instruments, saxophone is the best sound instruments.

The correct way to practice saxophone is to practice long notes, try to be as long and steady as possible, and practice your breath and rhythm. Then you start to practice scales. First you play the original scale of seven notes, then increase the pitch and then decrease the pitch, from the whole note to 1/2 to 1/16/8, the first 8 to 16 to 8, and gradually increase the repetition.

Finally practise the song. You need to listen to familiar music. This can practice musical sense so that you can slowly blow out the feelings. There is must pay attention to methods and mouth type.

The correct way to breathe is through the abdomen. How do you test if you are breathing with  stomach? Lie flat on the bed, and belly up when you breathe in, belly down when you breathe out. You’ll find that the air flow is very steady and can last a long time.

The difficulty is that many beginners are learning from online spreadsheets or videos without being listened to or directed. That is to say, sometimes according to the rhythm of the song leads to only look at the notes do not look at the rhythm, and finally did not look at the habit of music, they can not practice through music alone.

There is also a beginner does not like to practice basic skills, including long tones, tongues, scales are not practice. In fact, these are long-term practice. The more you avoid practicing basic skills, the less you can improve yourself.

Therefore, beginners can not learn saxophone overnight, to lay a good foundation for more practice, then a long time your saxophone ability will be further improved.




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