How to Practice the Falsetto?

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Many saxophonists say that it is easier to play a strong note than a flat one. This is because many people do not have solid foundation. The explosive power of the strong voice is strong, and fans also like to practice.But the weak tone can really exercise your playing skills.This is because the flat is very virtual so that more difficult to control.
The flat plays a vital role in playing.Here are a few ways to play it:
First of all ,you can’t fill up all the breath in an instant, and you can’t blow it all out in one breath. You should blow vigorously.

There are several methods: Ⅰ Squeeze the reeds blowing. Ⅱ Relax lips blowing. Ⅲ Lips tight suitable for blowing.

Playing saxophone is a skill, and some lyrics usually begin in a weak beat and play expressively.

Flat is mainly to control the breath. The vibration of the reed is controlled by steady breath and lips. The intensity of the breath is expressed by the pronunciation of the reed.



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