Saxophone Mouth Problems

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Most saxophone fans have a problem with saxophone practice or playing with the wrong mouth type.
Common examples are:
Muscles of the jaw exerting upward force
The main reasons are:
The lower lip muscles are not exerted properly and are attached to the lower teeth and gums. You should be like playing the flute and smile and feel the chin drop naturally right way.

Ascending summation descending extroversion
The main causes are: the muscles around the upper and lower jaws and the corners of the mouth lose control or control is weak. The muscles around the upper and lower mouths and the mouth corners are naturally and effectively forced, and the upper and lower lips are naturally attached to the gums to control the closure of the mouth corners.

Swollen cheeks
The main reasons are:
The muscles on either side of the corners of the mouth are out of control, and the breath resides in the cheeks, so they bulge. You should control laugh muscle effectively and make two cheeks stick on alveolar gums, let two cheeks lose the condition that store air.

Unnatural problems such as too many or too few flute heads, too many or too few flute heads on the left or right side of the mouth, tightening the neck, frowning and winking should be corrected in practice.

We should keep our jaws relaxed when we blow on the sax. Keep your lower lip closed. Don’t let it out as you normally would. Place half of your lower lip over your lower teeth. Smile and open your mouth slightly.

There is the saxophone head into your mouth, the upper teeth and upper lip can not bite the head of the flute, which will lead to the reed can not be normal vibration, lip muscle force to uniform.

In addition, you include the number of positions should be based on sound that easy to blow, everyone is different. Generally speaking, it is about one third of the head. Be sure to listen carefully to the sound of different positions. So you can find the best vibration point. Note in the process of practice, can look at the mirror for playing practice, practice without chin, mouth shape should be consistent.




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