How to practice saxophone at home without disturbing others?

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In the winter, many people react that they cannot play outdoors, and how can they practice saxophone at home without disturbing others without a mute?

The performance of the saxophone must be carried out with solid basic skills. When a method does not work, we must find another way to practice the saxophone.

1.You can practice fingering first. Make your fingers flexible. Repeated practice will help the basic skills. If the fingering is not well practiced, no matter how good the saxophone is, it is useless.

2.Practice blowing. Take a deep breath and then hold steady, exhale the breath for four beats. The same repeated practice six times is very helpful for controlling the breath.

3.Practice tapping. Count the rhythm with each beat. Use your hands to move the rhythm from the 1/4 note to the 1/16 note, and hit the rhythm by hitting the beat, which is helpful for the stability of the saxophone.

4.The last method is weak blowing. After the above methods are proficient, you can practice weak blowing. There are two methods for weak blowing: hold your mouth and then breathe out slowly. Weak blowing can exercise the breath control of blowing saxophone.

The above four methods are very practical.If you want to practice saxophone non-interference can try the above methods.


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