How to play a song more excellent?

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You need a lot of emotion and control if you want to play a song more excellent.

Good saxophones have curves in addition to good timbre. Play a song with a clear distinction between strong and weak. In addition, with good trill and playing skills, you can play a song very well.

You can’t pick up the saxophone and start playing the tune. Practice the basics first.

Play every note well, from the highest to the lowest. Beginners should start from the middle part of the practice, the DO blowing down from the middle, blowing up from the DO, so in order, blow to the highest MI, this is the first step. Play the sound smoothly until the mouth muscles become numb, the brain has muscle memory.

The second step is to blow gradually weak, can blow how weak blowing weak, learn to gradually weak, with a good tone will be ups and downs.

The third step is to learn to play the saxophone quietly. If you can play the saxophone in a whisper, you have a lot of control. This is a step-by-step process. Don’t rush.


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