What is a triplet? How do you practice triplets?

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What is a triplet? Many people say they can’t play triplets.

Triplet is in the notation upper and lower side with a horizontal line.There are two connecting lines connected with the note of 3, connected together that is 3.


The essence of a triplet is to complete three notes in one beat. The notes must be consistent. There is no rule that says which scale is fast or slow, and the tone must be evenly distributed.

When playing a triplet, you should pay attention to two points. The first point is that the notes should be evenly distributed.

The second point to pay attention to is that in the process of playing with the metronome to carry out the card beat, the first note to follow the metronome, to find the sense of stress, but not really every beat the first note pronunciation is very heavy, just with metronome practice.

Note these two words, basically triplet feeling can be found, but the most important thing is to practice hard.


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