Imitation is also an important way to learn saxophone.

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When learning saxophone, imitating the original song is a good reference.But when playing saxophone, many friends follow the demonstration. While playing, demonstrations can only help you with rhythm and some ornamental notes. So it’s easy to overlook an important aspect of the idea of demonstrators.

Learning can begin with imitation. Saxophone friends are sensitive to saxophone sounds and their variations. By listening to the teacher’s play and performance techniques,you need to pay attention to: the position of the sound, repeated position, the structure of the whole piece and the position of strong and weak, and the change of strength, as well as glide, vomit, trill, throat, breath, etc., and decorative sound.

Skills and methods. All these techniques apply not only to every phrase, but to every note.

Imitation is just one way we learn. Through imitation to add their own ideas, and finally became their own personalized works.

The success of any thing is a little accumulation. The same is true of learning saxophone. Today our performance is not strong because of our limited level, but we should believe that as we learn and accumulate day by day.We will know the skills teachers use. This process can not be a sudden success.



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