How to Make Your Fingering More Coherent?

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Many friends can not respond to blowing saxophone when blowing a smooth, coherent feeling, then caused by fingering is not coherent what a few reasons?

The first is that the transition from one note to the next is too stiff. They can not reach the keys, and a note of a sound to jump out, fingering is not skilled to listen to the blowing out of very incoherent.
In addition, you should also pay attention to the shape of the fingers .You must use the fingers to touch the keys and can not use the fingers to touch the keys, otherwise it will lead to inaccurate sound strokes.

The second is to press the button when the other fingers do not lift too high. For example, the little finger raised. This kind of conversion to other sound when afraid of distance is too far to reach.

The third is that you can practice playing the saxophone in the mirror to see if your fingers and expression are tense. You should be relaxed when you play the saxophone.

The fourth point is the above.  If your little finger is very stiff or your middle finger is very stiff, just do so and practice your finger dexterity until you have mastered it.







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