Common Problems When Blowing Saxophone

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First, why can not determine the accompaniment mode?
There are three conditions, first, you must be able to sing score, second, have a good pitch discrimination, third, to be familiar with all the modes of saxophone fingering.
Is it right to play saxophone on the second point?
The “timbre” here refers to the unique metallic taste of the saxophone. Although we use different brands, different prices of saxophone, but this kind of saxophone metal sound actually has little to do with your equipment, but mainly depending on the atmosphere you give saxophone. Only enough breath to make the reed vibrate enough to make the whole saxophone vibrate, and then come out with the metallic sound we were looking for.
The third question is why do so many people feel wrong? That’s when you hear a good piece of music, or hear a teacher playing saxophone very pleasantly, basically will have their own subconscious to imitate. When you really go to play, but found their own play with the desired result is very different, and even completely changed. The main reason is that you do not have enough control over the saxophone, the skills required for the application is not in place, so should continue to improve their basic skills, and constantly develop their sense of music.
Still have a lot of Sa You to need to change equipment after playing period of time?
If your gear already limits your timbre, try using untyped saxophones, depending on your interests and qualifications. Put it this way, lies in the depth of your skill, master level of people even with two or three thousand tubes, but also can still be blown master level tone.


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