FAQ for Sax

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It is well known that the most important thing in playing saxophone is to practice basic skills. So how should the basic function be practiced?
For beginners, breath, mouth shape, vomiting, fingering, and even posture are basic skills. But regarding the level high friend, the substitution fingering, slides, the trill and so on skill also belongs to the basic skill. There is also a basic skill is their understanding of music and performance. The basic practice is limited to how long to practice long sound, how long to practice fingering. Practice pronunciation, practice scales these aspects can only be regarded as the initial stage.
So how exactly should a piece of music be played?

In principle, in order to understand and express a piece of music should be in-depth understanding of the background story and content of the song, put yourself into the feelings into the song. Of course, there is no standard answer to the interpretation and understanding of music, which is the great charm of music. You can play freely. Innovation keeps our music moving forward. But there is only one principle, and that is to make everyone sound more beautiful and infectious.
What are some ways to learn saxophone in life?
Is it best to follow a step-by-step plan? The answer is no. Because each person’s specific situation is different, including each person’s musical basis, the feeling of music, personality and even intelligence and so on are different. According to everyone’s actual situation, we should make different learning plans, arrange different learning content and even learning methods. For us saxophonists, we know best what we like to learn. You don’t have to imitate anyone here. It is enough to solve the problems in learning saxophone one one by one according to our own interests. Only in this way can we exert our initiative in learning and maximize our learning results.


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