How to Avoid Howling?

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Howling is a common problem in saxophone playing. I believe that many people have encountered it in the process of playing, so how to avoid howling? Howling can be avoided by solving the following four problems.

The first is the shadow of the heart. Most people have this kind of shadow, because the influence of psychological suggestion on themselves is very deep. Sometimes the more you do one thing, the more you can’t do it well, you will be particularly irritable, and you will not want to continue this thing in the future. The same is true for playing the saxophone. When you play the saxophone badly for the first time, there will be whistling. The second time you play this note, there will be whistling again. Then when it comes to this scale in the future, you don’t want to play it anymore. Afraid that he is whistling. Therefore, when playing the saxophone, you must not think too much, you must cheer yourself up, and follow your own ideas to play freely. Always give yourself encouragement and praise to play the saxophone well.

The second reason for whistling is that your breath is not concentrated and the corners of your mouth are not clamped. Concentration of breath is a very abstract concept. Some people react that they cannot achieve concentration of breath. Then you can imagine the difference between blowing one candle and blowing many candles when blowing candles. In some places, your breath is scattered when you blow a lot. Similarly, use the concept of blowing candles to play the saxophone when you play.

The reason for the third point is more important. By doing this, there will be basically no whistling. That is, when you are playing low notes, your mouth should be relaxed and your breath should be slow, and when you are playing high notes, your breath should be quick and fast. This method will help our voices come out faster, the bass will go a long way, and the whole instrument will resonate.

The fourth point is that in the method of playing the saxophone, you must not bite the mouthpiece. The correct method should be to press the mouthpiece. The posture of biting is to use force up and down together, to hold down is to use force from the top, and no force from the bottom. Correct this point, and use the correct breath, and the whistling will basically disappear.


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