Three Bad Habits That Make Your Saxophone Harder To Blow

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The first problem: you can’t let go of the saxophone at home and can’t play freely.

The common problem of friends who have been playing the saxophone at home for a long time is that they cannot play freely, resulting in insufficient breath and inability to produce the timbre of the saxophone. If you deliberately press and blow, your mouth will be tight,and your whole body will be tight. In this case, the sound of blowing may be dry or not full. Such breathing habits are not easy to change. If you do not experience the full tone, it is difficult to judge whether the sound is good or not.

The second problem: the wrong wearing of the saxophone strap.

There are many types of saxophone straps on the market, and each has a different effect. The original strap is only hung around the neck, and the neck should not be “loaded” for more than 20 minutes each time, and let the neck rest. Otherwise, the neck is strangled for a long time, which is not conducive to the support of the brain, and will cause problems of the cervical spine. Another type of strap is the cross strap. The advantage of this strap is that it spreads the strength of the saxophone to the shoulders, but the disadvantage is that it limits the range of motion of the saxophone, which can easily cause posture errors, which in turn affects the smoothness of the breath. The best strap is the Swiss strap or the double shoulder strap. The advantages of these two straps are obvious, that is, the weight of the saxophone is distributed on the shoulders, there is no long-term pressure on the cervical spine, and the saxophone can move freely and can ensure the breath. of smoothness.

The third question: sitting and blowing sax

The old people in the square sat and played the saxophone. After a long time, the breath and timbre will not be smooth. If the breath is not deep enough, “abdominal breathing” is not to mention. Even standing and playing the saxophone, his breathing habits will fall into trouble.



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