What’s The First Thing You Do With The Saxophone?

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Whether you’re an amateur saxophone or a professional saxophone practitioner, every day you pick up a saxophone and think about what you practice first. Although each person’s ability is different, the practice custom and the method are different, but all has own practice pattern. Here are my own practice patterns:
The first one to practice every day is the long note. Long notes improve the stability of your breath. Every note should be practiced as well as you can because your mind will focus on this scale when playing a note. The main practice of this one sound, you can borrow to practice. The fact that the tuner is in the middle means that the note is played correctly. This is the practice of every scale that follows.
Be sure to pay attention to the following points when practicing:
Mouth can not be shaken to continue to send a force to blow, can not be fast for a while slow, also can not loose a tight, breath must be stable.
The direction of practice is to start by practicing do in the middle, from high to low, in groups.
Practicing hand movement, back and forth, gives you more flexibility in your hands, playing them together, like the one below.
Then the next thing is to practise sounding. Practice the notes one by one, so as to exercise the length and stability of the breath. Practice with your tongue in combination with spitting. You will make great progress by slowly using this method.



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