How To Choose The Tone When Playing A Tune?

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If the intonation is within the range of our familiar fingering, use the intonation and respect the intonation.
The best range of saxophone sounds is from the bass to the alto 1 and then to the treble 1. You can also add individual bass and individual treble frequencies, so consider whether you can use them flexibly. Whether or not the fingering problem makes the music not smooth enough or difficult to control the sound will affect the appreciation of the music.
There are fingering, generally we will use their own more familiar fingering to play a tune. This is easy to understand and natural. Because no matter how good you feel about the music, it’s hard to get a satisfying effect when you’re not familiar with the fingering.
The last point is the restriction of ornamental notes. Sax has structural problems of its own, and when there are more changes from “low” to “high” (or vice versa) in the music, such as 1 in the flat E key to 2 or 3 in the overtone key, or 2 in the overtone key to 7 or 6 without the overtone key, it becomes very unsmooth. In particular, some ornamental sounds require fast and smooth transformation, and the use of side keys (substitution keys) can solve some problems, but not all problems.
Our ultimate goal in playing saxophone must be to sound good. Everyone appreciates things differently, and there is no standard answer. But for a piece of music, can still find out whether it can make most people agree. This can go according to their own feelings. When they are not very satisfied, it is necessary to consider whether to change or change the saxophone to blow.


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