How To Play A Piece Of Music Out Of Their Feelings?

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There are many requirements for a good tune. Mainly is two big aspects, one is to the song control ability, one is to saxophone control ability. Most teachers will say that in the beginning do not pursue the feeling of the song, let you first practice their basic skills of saxophone, so in the early stage is to shout silly. This method can be a good practice of their own breath, breath enough and stable. At the same time, light pronunciation, correct mouth shape is also an important factor can not be ignored. The corresponding fingering should also be the most skilled.
When the breath practice foot steady, it is necessary to specialize in the practice of “weak blow”, as well as the sound of “strength” changes. This variation in sound intensity is a basic way of expressing the flavor of a tune. But later, after a long period of practice found why the blowing for many years or not satisfied, we must find the reasons from the following aspects.

Is understanding of the style of the piece in place
Different saxophones have different styles because of their different regions and different artistic conception. For example, the corresponding saxophone type of grassland songs, Jiangnan minor (folk songs) and so on, have different song feelings. When we do not know how to use saxophone performance, might as well go to listen to the original, listen to the “master” who played. The only thing left to do is to use saxophone to “imitate” as much as possible.

Consistency with accompaniment
Be sure to choose the right saxophone accompaniment and listen to it several times, because most of the accompaniment versions in the market are different, prelude or interlude will have different melodies.
And the question is whether the beat is right. Incorrect rackets can also affect your performance.
Whether the control of Saxophone has reached a point of agitation
Excluding the above factors, the main problem is their own control of the sax. This is not only a test of your breath, pronunciation, fingering these basic skills, but also a test of whether you can according to the mood requirements of the song, the use of saxophone’s “skills” to better “touch up” the song.

Above is based on the usual play saxophone, for everyone easy to put forward several solutions to the problem, we can according to their own actual situation flexible learning and application, hope to blow out their own saxophone flavor.


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