How to Choose Dental Pad Correctly?

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A lot of people say tooth cushion still need to choose.But do not underestimate this small dental pad, its role is not trivial.
Dental pad in normal circumstances play two roles, first is the role of fixed teeth. Play a supporting role in your intonation and up slide technique. Another thing is that it can suppress the vibration of the tone, for beginners is the typical difficulty of sound. If the same tube, in all conditions are the same, a good pronunciation of a difficult pronunciation, it is necessary to check is not the problem of dental pad. This is the negative effect that dental pad produces to novice. But for mature musicians, people who like dark sounds, such as classical and traditional jazz, tend to choose thick teeth pads to dampen vibrations. Pop music, especially when the metal flute head is too bright, will also use thick teeth pad to suppress the sound of overtones and high-frequency vibration. So the correct choice of dental pad is still necessary.


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