How to Overcome the Shortcomings of Learning Saxophone

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Satisfied with the use of a few simple fingering techniques
There are seven frequently-used tenses in midrange. They are E flat, B flat, C flat, F flat, G flat, D flat, and five less frequently-used tenses. Fall E and fall B is a start to learn, so will be more familiar, we like to use these two keys to play, but can not put all the tunes are “tonal” to these two up.
Just want to follow the “demonstration”
Some people always want to practice along with the accompaniment, music, demonstration, but this method is one-sided, to listen to the original or accompaniment, to follow the rhythm and rhythm of the music, to master the initiative to learn. If you follow the “demonstration” for a long time, give up your chance to learn. Apart from this accompaniment and music simply can not blow out their own.

Asked only to blow the music down, without going into details
Many people work for quantity, not quality. This can be a lot of music, almost all the music played once, but always let a person listen to the lack of something.
The details of the song are not deduced, the essence is missing. Expressiveness is a mere formality. Without a deep understanding of the background of the music, there is a lack of emotion.
Pinned the timbre on the equipment.
Saxophone’s voice is unique, plus a little “reverberation”, will make the tone more melodious and beautiful. This must be based on solid basic skills. In other words, the really good tone must come from having a good breath and controlling the tone. So the main solution to the saxophone problem is to focus on improving your skills, rather than relying on sound, effects, recording equipment, or the cost of a saxophone head.
Be sure to recognize your weaknesses and strengths, and know from which direction to work and to start. Play to the strengths of saxophone, improve their own level is the most important, other external factors can always affect saxophone study must try to avoid.


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