How to Play the First Note Well When Playing Sax?

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Today I’d like to share a little tip on how to play the first note well in saxophone playing. Many people say that the first note plays a crucial role in saxophone playing. If the first note does not sound good, the mood of a song will disappear. So the first note is particularly important.
The first note or breath back to blow the first note, say a little simpler is to use the tongue of the spit to break this section of sound. Many people blow very stiff or weak, can not feel the sound of the state, the whole song can not be naturally blown out. The first note must be natural, either soothing or passionate. So how?

The first is that if the breath sinks, the correct breath will be released continuously. The second point is the mouth, upper lip cover lower lip, similar to the daily middle of the mouth, spit out the feeling, is the need for such a blow.





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