Making These Three Preparations will Help Saxophone Learn More Smoothly.

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First, musical instruments. But the basic performance of the instrument must be able to meet the requirements of learning, or because of the instrument problem will delay the progress of learning. The most terrible thing is that a problematic instrument will make the learner develop a lot of specific performance problems, which will be a fatal hindrance at a certain level.
Second, the metronome and the tuner. Rhythm and intonation are both important elements of music, which should be paid attention to in normal wind music practice. Fast and gorgeous playing skills, accurate and smooth playing is to start from the most basic rhythm practice, practitioners can master slow start, gradually skilled, and then a little bit of speed, from slow to fast, step-by-step process, and in this process, metronome is essential, especially the improvement of finger skills, metronome reasonable use will make you more efficient and obvious progress. In addition in peacetime saxophone long tone practice, the role of the phoneticizer is reflected. It tests the accuracy of every note on your instrument, monitors your breath as you play, and even aids in the practice of tone color.

Third, music theory. You can play an instrument if you are not very proficient in the theory of music. But to be a good performer, music score recognition is a necessary factor for a perfect instrument.
In fact, music theory is not only a simple understanding of music score, the same piece of music, the understanding of each performer is not the same, the understanding of the music background, style, the understanding of the author, the aesthetic standards of art and so on are all factors affecting the music processing, which is the overall quality of the performer. Learning to play music is ultimately for the sake of music, playing high technology, blow out the music without connotation, at best, can only be regarded as a craftsman.


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