How to Use Mouth Shape to Adjust Sax Intonation?

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How to use mouth shape to adjust sax intonation?
We all know that in saxophone playing although not adjust intonation, but in the process of playing intonation is very important.
High pitches and low pitches affect not only saxophone tunes, but also saxophone practice, when using a tuner.
So do you know what factors affect your saxophone pitch? That’s the power of your mouth and the control of your breath.

Don’t underestimate the strength of your mouth and the control of your breath. It has to do with low pitches.
Then you must first know what an incorrect sound is, for example:
When you play the saxophone, the bass will be very low and the treble will be very high, because your mouth is not right. Be sure to keep your mouth in the right shape. When you play saxophone, your mouth is relaxed and the sound is low. If you tighten your mouth, the tone will be on the high side. Whether you’re a beginner or a longtime saxophonist, it can affect your pitch when you don’t have the right mouth. So the correct mouth shape is to press your upper lip against the flute and your lower lip around it.




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