The Conditions Necessary to Play a Piece Well

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Playing a fascinating, engaging piece of music in saxophone is definitely what we saxophone amateurs want to achieve. The question seems simple, but how to play this piece of music well? Because there are so many factors involved in playing a good tune, some are born, some are acquired. It is the combination of your music and instrumental control.
To play a piece of music well is not only to blow it down fluently, but also to fill it with meaning. So where does this need to go? Mainly from two aspects: one is the ability to control the saxophone, the other is the ability to control the saxophone. Saxophone needs to control from the basic skill, the skill, the psychological preparation three aspects. It can be controlled from the aspects of musical accomplishment, familiarity with the music and accompaniment.


You can see to play a good piece of knowledge or involved in many points. Problems in any one area will affect the results. When your musical literacy is not enough, then the reason why the music sounds good is not clear. Moreover when carries on the second creation or when the spot display, can appear thinks oneself sounds good but actually not sounds good the situation to appear.
Therefore, to play a good piece of music is a lot of conditions, not immediately played well.





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