How to improve saxophone level quickly?

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As the practice saxophone time increases, level also is improving gradually. How can you make progress faster? In addition to hard work outside the practice, to be able to find their own shortcomings, to identify their own problems is also the key to learning saxophone. Only when problems are discovered and solutions found can victory be achieved.
There are two ways to identify problems.
Take the initiative to discover. Generally through the comparison with others playing to find their own shortcomings. It’s easier. Through their appreciation of the continuous improvement to find the shortcomings of the wind, which requires their own continuous training, constantly listening to professionals play, find their own gaps, to find their own shortcomings.
Ask the teachers to help find the shortage. Even some so-called “teachers” dress up as teachers, but the effect is limited or misleading, so I suggest that we should ask different teachers to identify the real progress of their guidance, so as not to take a roundabout way.
No matter which approach is adopted, the problems that arise are nothing more than the problems of basic skills and the problems of tunes. Some inadequacies may involve different aspects, such as, “Why is my music so ugly?” This is not simply a measure to be taken to solve the problem. At this time, the responsible teacher will tell you how to go step by step, what the lack of basic skills, generally from the most important factors, let you practice, and then one by one to solve the follow-up problems. If you want to make real progress, “you must take your teacher’s guidance seriously, understand what he says, and put it into action.” Because the teacher’s advice is a direct summary of their own experience, is proved effective through practice. Of course, different teachers will have different suggestions, according to their own judgment, you can choose a suitable way to learn.
Must be good at discovering own insufficiency, this is a study manner question. What is more fatal is that some friends know that they have a big problem, there are teachers to point out, but “left ear in, right ear out”, but also go their own way. There is also a situation that boasts well, complacent no longer think enterprising, it is difficult to make progress. Of course, for older friends, no matter what attitude to take to learn saxophone, the principle is not to give yourself too much pressure on the line.
Because Sax is so expressive, the skills required to play different tunes vary. Since we want to play a style of music, but also to avoid all the music into the same flavor.


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