How to Learn Saxophone Without Foundation?

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Be enthusiastic and persistent about everything. Learning saxophone first need to be clear about their goals, each stage to set their own goals. This gives you a sense of accomplishment and motivation to keep learning.
The second point is that you learn different intentions, the level of practice is also different. It is best not to practice more than 3 hours a day, not less than 1 hour. That’s because saxophone doesn’t open the lid like the piano does, and you have a lot of preparation ahead and after. From the time you practice the long notes to the whole piece, it shouldn’t be less than an hour.
Practice long tones as long as possible, and the end will stop naturally. Before each practice, all the notes will be long, after six months only practice the highest and lowest notes, the middle part omitted.

Finger exercises focus on scales, arpeggios, and intervals. The practice of music must be on the basis of more understanding of music, more reading materials and more practice repertoire.
Another important thing is to have a good instrument. Beginners are advised to buy alto sax, which is the first choice for beginners. Learning alto saxophone and then learning alto and tenor will be easy. The key point is to find a good teacher to bring along the beginners. Beginners must lay a good foundation, later with the teacher to participate in some performances can get a lot of practice opportunities, theory is not as fast as practice, practice is also an important indicator of improving skills.



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