If You Want to play the saxophone well, it is very important to learn music theory.

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Regardless of saxophone or any kind of musical instrument, mastering good music theory is a very important foundation. If you don’t have this foundation, it will greatly affect your journey of learning music. Sayous often say this, I don’t want to learn to a high level. I just want to enrich my hobbies.I don’t want to compare with professionals.I just want to play a few songs.

The four elements of music are length, height, strength, and timbre, all of which are indispensable. First of all, the length of the sound is called rhythm, and the effective arrangement and combination of different sounds form the rhythm. The different changes of pitch and pitch make up our melody. The strength of the sound refers to the difference in how hard we play the sound. The difference in dynamics produces our processing of music. Timbre refers to the color of our music, that is, whether our music sounds good. Does sound have a personality? Then among the four major elements of music, which ones need to be achieved through the study of music theory? The first three can only be achieved through the study of music theory. In addition to timbre, timbre is a test of your understanding of music. ability and perception. The first three basics cannot be achieved, and the timbre is not particularly well understood, and the four elements are gone, it is really too difficult to play the saxophone well.




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