What preparations do we need to make before we can blow Sax (1)

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In order to express a piece of saxophone music smoothly, and to be able to blow out one’s own flavor and characteristics, it should not be a simple thing. Some friends follow the “demonstration” directly, some friends blow according to the impression, and some friends blow according to the feeling. It can be imagined that such a piece of music can hardly be pleasant to the eye. Apart from other aspects, it takes a lot of preparation to blow the saxophone.


Do you know the background of the music?
This is an important prerequisite for a good performance. Know the story it wants to tell and want to express feelings, to play their imagination, in the process of playing performance.
Did you choose the right tone?
Actually, it is a very simple problem to choose the mode of the melody, which can be decided according to the original song, your own playing habit or your own understanding. Generally speaking, bright tones are easier to express happiness, bright emotions like that, and low tones are easier to express thoughts of sadness, thought, etc, but they are not absolute.
Are you serious about singing music?
Singing is a job we must do before we play a tune. Through the singing score, not only to learn and familiar with the melody changes in the law of the melody, but also for the rhythm of the control of the melody can be done. In particular, some “decorative sound” and other details of the content of our playing is to provide a good help and tips.
By singing the score, we can understand the whole structure of the piece, know where to go, where to go, where to go, where to go, and so on. It can also help us accumulate some knowledge of music theory and the ability to read the score. At the same time, you can correct some “wrong” phrases or notes that just follow your own feelings or habits. Music performance in detail, only a good grasp of the details of the changes in the music, there may be satisfactory results.


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