What preparations do we need to make before blowing the saxophone?(2)

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Do you compare the score with the accompaniment carefully?
This is not a problem when the accompaniment is consistent with the score. But most of the time, the accompaniment version and the version of the music do not coincide, this inconsistency is mainly in the prelude and interlude, the main melody generally will not have too much change. At this time we must carefully study, especially some of the accompaniment without the beat and melody, in the end should start from where? Generally, the following methods can be adopted: (1) listening to the accompaniment version of the same demonstration or original song; and (2) according to the learning and understanding of the original song, trying to enter the opportunity under different circumstances. After several experiments, if the whole process works well with the accompaniment, and the repetition or ending times coincide with the accompaniment, that’s fine; (3) Ask a friend or teacher directly.
Re-composing the tune
Then according to their actual ability to create, especially the ability to master the skills of saxophone and application, coupled with their emotional understanding of the song and expression needs to do. The simplest form of recreation is the expression of priorities. That is, each note, each phrase of the strength and speed performance. This aspect may draw lessons from the original song performance technique, oneself makes certain mark on the melody, displays in the wind.

6. Mental preparation
This refers to what kind of a state of mind you should enter before playing. This determines whether each note you play first resonates in your mind and then in your audience. On the other hand, to maintain a relaxed state of mind, too much tension will seriously affect their breath, mouth and fingering flexibility, the result will be unstable voice, not full, bumps not smooth.
7. Issues relating to equipment
Make sure the saxophone is playing well. Next is each kind of equipment like plays the accompaniment the sound box, the sound decoration uses the sound card and so on.
8. Audition after playing
It is important to check whether you are satisfied with the playing of the melody, primarily the emotional expression, and the matching of the accompaniment to the saxophone. There is no strict standard in this respect, but the following things should be done: (1) the saxophone plays clearly; and (2) the accompaniment sounds clearly and well with the saxophone.
Don’t be afraid of trouble. Practice and try again and again until you feel satisfied. The work you produce is the best use of your current level.

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