Beginners How to Choose the Right Flute Head

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Before a lot of beginners are feedback for the choice of flute head do not understand how to choose, especially the flute head style do not know, do not know how much to choose, do not know how much apply. So today we’ll explain how to choose the head.
The structure of a flute head is made up of three parts. One is the socket at the bottom of the flute head, which is inserted at the curved neck. There is another is the back of the plane that there is a mouth, which is often said that the size of the flute head, then the size of the mouth refers to what it means? Breath is the gap between the whistle and the head of the flute. The vibration produced by the breath is a key factor in the sound and tone of the saxophone.

So how do beginners choose the style of breath, this advice is to choose the wind is a little smaller, easier to blow, because for beginners breath is not enough, small mouth is better pronunciation, but also does not suggest that choose too small like 3 later learning time will not move, so the range of 4-5 flute head is the most appropriate.
Some friends may listen to others introduce or imitate the assembly of the master, directly up for the choice of flute head on the choice of some big brand or especially big, difficult, think there is resistance to blow, sound will be good, this idea is also wrong, because different materials for different styles of flute head, some suitable for blowing classical, some suitable for blowing jazz, so it is better to choose an ordinary flute head first practice, such as technical progress or playing ability greatly increased when changing a better flute head.

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