Saxophone Confusion

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Many beginner friends in the study of saxophone, can not avoid the impatience. In fact, learning saxophone takes time to practice, and it is difficult to perform well in the future without trying to lay the foundation. In our daily communication with our friends, we encounter many puzzling problems:
Why does the sound of blowing have no emotion?
This is a question that will always be asked. It usually comes from three aspects: First, the sound you hear when you play the saxophone is different from the sound you hear when you play the saxophone. Second, I am vague about the concept of “metal sound quality” of Saxophone, which is not like the tone color played by masters. Third, due to beginners, has not yet mastered the correct method of breath, such as sound is not full. It’s important to develop the right “scent habits” that will determine whether you’re playing the right saxophone tone later. As long as you blow on the saxophone with enough breath to make the saxophone vibrate fully, you will definitely come out with the so-called saxophone tone.
What are your current problems?
Most hobbyists don’t practice saxophone as children, so they lack basic musical training. When reviewing your playing, teachers are sure to focus on the following:
Is the pitch standard?
Is the basic rhythm correct?
Is the sound full? Is the breath correct?
Is the breath stable? (Sound does not float)
Are the sounds clear? (Whether Sound Head Treatment is Correct)
Are breath, mouth shape and fingering in place? (No breaking sound, no howling)
As you practice more and more, you will find that you have more and more problems. That means you have more appreciation, you know what problems you have, and you know what you are going to do next.
When all the above issues have been resolved, it is time to consider the emotional expression of the song. Of course, also involved in the performance of the issue of saxophone, which is the most important is how to make better use of changes in the atmosphere to show a rich level of music.
Eager to strike up a beautiful tune
You should know that to play a piece well, it covers a lot of knowledge and related skills. So when you do not have a very good control of the ability of the music style, in ensuring that the rhythm and intonation and the correct timbre premise, can be relatively smooth down the music is very good. Even to do this, you need to have good basic skills. A sense of rhythm and music requires talent, if not more effort.
Feel no progress
Any improvement of ability is accumulated bit by bit. Don’ t try to make a big leap with a lesson, a guide, or a video, because the learning process not only tests your comprehension, but also requires a lot of practice to really master what the teacher says. Some even have to adhere to the long-term to be effective. As the saying goes, “Practice makes perfect”, and this “ripe” means that must experience countless practice. For beginners friends, may encounter a variety of “difficult”, please remember that “all difficult because of unskilled” caused. When you have one day truly overcome these hardships and difficulties, that is, you have reached a point where you can make the saxophone work.




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