Two Factors Bothering You in Learning Saxophone

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First teacher. For the same concept or problem, different teachers have different interpretations, and even completely “opposite” views. Some teachers emphasize in their lectures that only what they say is correct. This makes many beginner friends more and more confused, who is right?

In fact, both the practice of musical instruments and the understanding of music, the method and approach is not unique. Everyone has different backgrounds, different bases, different learning methods and different understandings. At this time we need to be able to be flexible and absorb those methods suitable for their own. Suggest that we can through different channels to listen to different teachers, from a deeper level to find common ground, to find their own solution to this problem. Take the best of all and practice with your own experience and understanding.

Many teachers teach amateurs the way they teach professionals. You can’t say that’s wrong, but you have to make adjustments. After all, fans learn to play saxophone just for their own enjoyment. Everyone’s situation is also very different, the pursuit of the goal is not the same, a unified teaching method is difficult to “teach students in accordance with their aptitude”, the ultimate effect is limited. The second point is on the basis of the problem a lot of friends envy some of the skills of teachers, most of the teachers are beginning to practice saxophone. There seems to be a notion in the circle that Sax is better from childhood.

At this point I want to say that if you want your child to take the saxophone professional path, then you are doing so is understandable. If you are simply trying to develop a hobby or interest in your child, it is best to learn to play string or plucking instruments as well. As we all know, when we blow saxophone, the requirements for cardiopulmonary function is relatively high, and do not have a certain amount of exercise to feel that their gas is not enough. While the organs of children in their early teens are developing, too much heart-lung demand may have an impact on normal development. So parents in this level for the children to plan, use the right breath and practice, will also let the heart and lungs get better exercise.


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