How to Deal with Bad Reed Pronunciation?

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I don’t know if you feel this way. Every time after changing the reed, they suddenly feel that they can’t play or can’t pronounce well. They begin to look for all kinds of reasons, from the pipe body to the flute head to the whistle. Why?
Because the reed is a reed material, the new reed’s internal fibrous tissue has not been sufficiently awakened to produce good vibration and tremor, so pronunciation is difficult. So here we will introduce about the reed should be how to quickly enter the playing state of the tips, I hope to help you.



First of all we take a new reed, put it in the water wet, it is best to put one to two minutes, and then take out with your hand to hold the root of the reed, repeatedly bend and stretch 4-5 times, be sure not to force, do not use brute force, and then install to the head of the flute to try, if it is still very difficult to blow, take down in the above action.
Of course, this method is limited to beginners, if you feel difficult to play when the pronunciation, excluding other factors can choose this method, of course, master and blow a long time people do not need this method, because their mouth muscles have been trained, pronunciation difficult this phenomenon is almost never. The above views are personal.


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