Four Things You Should Never Do to Learn an Instrument

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I、 Changing teachers frequently
For beginners of Saxophone, meeting a good teacher is probably the most difficult thing to do. A good beginning is half the battle. A good teacher plays a very important role. Once you choose a good teacher, you’d better not change it often. Because a new teacher needs to come back, each teacher’s teaching methods in the general direction is the same, but small and have their own personality, this is the style, genre is different. Parents should not go to extremes when choosing a teacher. Some choose a bargain, while others only recognize a famous teacher. But a famous teacher is not necessarily suitable, nor is he certain to be a good student. A good teacher should not only have enough knowledge and experience, but also have enough energy and patience to devote himself to you.
II、 Use of cheap musical instruments
In the early days, many people chose the cheapest instrument for fear of waste. In fact, it was not an instrument, not even a toy. It was the scourge of the market, even the disruption of its rules. A bad instrument has a bad timbre, a bad pitch, and can even affect hearing.
III、 Low practice efficiency
Practice doesn’ t have to be time-dependent. Don’ t assume that more than an hour of practice is effective, depending on what you do and whether you improve your real skills.
In fact, in the Enlightenment period of practice, the general assignment is not much, basically is very simple hand, scale, etc., can generally be completed in a short time, all aspects should be exquisite, some also pay attention to breath, so at the beginning do not rush.
IV、 No performance on stage
Music is a performing arts, learning music is to go on stage. Long time practice, need to overcome their tension, when he received applause, this is the best encouragement. Found self-confidence in music, this art has become his pride, he will not easily give up their own reasons, performing on stage is a chance to exercise their own.


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