How Do Saxophone Players Allocate Your Energy Properly

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I. Preparation Stage
First popularize yourself with the basics of saxophone, assemble and disassemble saxophone, know the correct mouth shape, hold saxophone posture, key distribution and reasonable position. The preparation time is not long, also does not matter the energy assignment question.
II、 Understanding the Saxophone Stage
Pick up the saxophone focus on fingering, followed by mouth and breath. Because of his unfamiliarity with Saxophone’s fingering position, the position of each finger, the fingering of each note, has become a major concern. At this time is also only to ask themselves to press in the right position to the saxophone “blowing sound.” This is followed by the ability to use simple fingering changes to produce different notes or scales, while also cooperating with their correct breathing.
III、 Practicing Blowing Stage
When you learn and use your fingering well, you can choose your favorite songs to practice. At the same time, practice with the right mouth shape and techniques.
IV、 Practice stage of accompaniment
It is a new challenge to try to follow the accompaniment after a certain period of practice. The content that needs attention at this moment also can increase, main energy also can produce shift. It used to be a lot of hands and brains, but now you have to use your ears more.
V、 Skilled Playing Stage
In this stage of fingering, pronunciation freely, breath stability, intonation, singing score, rhythm and so on are basically no problem. This will be in the performance of the song on the effort, including a variety of skills.
According to the above process, for saxophone learning probably also have some understanding, know what stage to learn what content. Practice and focus on the problems and difficulties that arise at each stage. It is almost impossible to get the music to taste without passing the basics of breath, spitting, and rhythm. And with a solid basic skills, your overall performance only depends on your understanding of the music and your musical accomplishment. At this stage, everyone’s attention will be different, some focus on the show off, some focus on the deep level of processing and performance of the music, and some focus on how to overcome the different music playing habits of their own “barrier” and have different performance of this “breakthrough” and so on, these are necessary ways to make progress, is inevitable.


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