Why does Learning Saxophone Always Feel Progress is Very Slow?

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The first thing to realize is that not everything happens overnight, even though saxophones are the best instruments to learn to play. Many sayou feel that they learn saxophone time is not short, will play a lot of songs, but why can not always achieve the desired effect. So let’s see if our approach is wrong.

Pay attention to whether you breathe in the wrong way, the correct way is to breathe in through the corners of the mouth, do not breathe in through the nose, nose will make your brain hypoxia. In addition to pay attention to your mouth and pronunciation techniques such as these skills, in addition to your breath must be deep, if not deep enough, then you blow out the tone will lack unique flavor.

Some people think saxophone is easy to play, so they begin to play the song. You know saxophone seems simple, but it needs very strong basic skills and finger flexibility. If you don’t have a solid foundation, then your song playing must be empty, without deep understanding of the mood of the song, it is difficult to have a good tone color and feeling.

The last point is that you must listen to more songs to have a good sense of music. The cultivation of a good sense of music is more important than any professional skill. Some people learn saxophone when they are young. They have reached a professional level both in terms of skills and in terms of fingering. But they can’t always get the feeling they want, and they have a certain timbre. That is, they play very hard, without feelings. This requires that in daily life, they not only understand the background of the music, the singer’s thoughts at the time, and even the feelings of the song, but also play the music with feelings.




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