Ten Benefits of Learning Music

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Promote balanced development of the left and right hemispheres
Most instruments require control with both hands, or even feet or feet to beat time, so this is a great help in balancing the left and right hemispheres.

Cultivate appreciation of music and art
Learning to play musical instruments is not just a matter of technical training. Many musical backgrounds are inextricably linked to history and art. The world of art has many languages in common, and the process of learning music naturally exposes you to a wide range of artistic information, which can help you improve your humanities.

Exercise one’s imagination
Music and other arts require a great deal of imagination. Besides expressing what the musician wants to express, it is also very important to put his own interpretation into it. This part requires a certain degree of imagination, which forces the instrumentalist to have a certain ability in this respect. Innovation and imagination can be applied to many things in life.

Train patience and carefulness
Saxophone practice is a very patient and careful work, no instrument can be speeded up, such conditions must be required more than usual patience, and playing good or bad, self-discovery of shortcomings, depending on how much care you have.

Increase the attraction of the opposite sex
Men think that women will become more temperamental instrument, boyfriend will instrument to girlfriend listen to no one will be unhappy, the same instrument in the eyes of the opposite sex will definitely have a certain bonus effect.

Learn to cooperate with others
Music was originally created by humans using simple things to produce sounds, but the earliest humans knew they had to come together to make sounds. Learning to play an instrument was not only a matter of accompaniment, but also of chamber music or ensemble music. This was a great opportunity to learn to work with others.

Ability to avoid stage fright
Ten minutes on stage takes at least ten years of hard work. Playing an instrument has many opportunities to practice this ability. Not being afraid of the stage is very important for adults in the workplace or children in school.

Rational control.
Music needs to be controlled by reason. Everyone knows that music comes from sensibility, but all musicians know that only by controlling the expression of sensibility can music be transmitted and remain on track. Good musicians are not so bad at EQ.

Training concentration.
Playing an instrument is a multi-purpose activity. You should not only pay attention to your left hand but also your right hand. You should be careful about your rhythm and consider your music. It is not just a matter of paying attention to one thing at a time. It can be said that there is a way to make people who practice saxophone well focus.

Cultivate one’s character
The famous musician Xian Xinghai once said: “Music is the greatest happiness of life, music is a spring of life, music is the furnace of temperament.”


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