Don’t underestimate the saxophone mouthpiece

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There are a lot of saxophone friends who often react to the reason why the new mouthpiece of saxophone can’t blow sound. Many people change from bakelite to metal mouthpiece or from metal to bakelite. In short, they are excessive. Time can’t fit the mouthpiece. This is because the mouthpiece itself has the problem of the size of the mouth, some have a big mouth, and some have a small mouth. Of course, throwing away the mouthpiece itself, there is definitely no problem in quality, and the quality of the newly bought one is definitely quite good.

Then there are also saxophone friends who said that since there is no problem with the mouthpiece, then there must be a problem with the saxophone, so after maintaining and repairing the saxophone, it is found that there is no reason for the saxophone. Then you can only find the reason in yourself.

So what is it that makes it so difficult to blow or even make no sound? Or is there a whistling problem?

This has to do with our mouth muscles. Many people are accustomed to blowing a wide mouthpiece and blowing a thinner mouthpiece will run out of gas from both sides of the mouth at the same time. Usually when practicing, you must use a high-pitched mouth shape to blow. What is a high-pitched mouth shape? It is to blow the mouth shapes together, because most of the high notes are relatively small mouthpieces, the purpose of this is to concentrate the breath in one place. You can take a piece of paper while you practice and keep it a little further away.

Then concentrate on your breath to see if you can blow the paper. If your breath is not concentrated, you cannot blow. Another way is to make a whistle-like mouth shape, manually pout your mouth, and practice blowing in this way. Remember not to make your mouth shape like a duck’s mouth, which is shriveled and shriveled. The nervous kind, not only does it feel laborious to blow out in this way, but also makes the bass difficult to play, and even causes howling, and some overtones can’t reach the correct tone when doing some saxophone skills.

Therefore, playing the saxophone may seem simple, but in fact, every link will affect the timbre and sound of the saxophone. There are also many skills that need to be mastered on the saxophone. The reeds of the saxophone all need to cooperate with each other to blow a beautiful saxophone sound.



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