Only a Saxophone Played with True Feelings is a Good Song

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You may have heard many people’s saxophone performances, including amateur performances, and demonstrations by many masters. When we learn the merits of others, have we seriously studied why some people blow only the accumulation of notes? Why do some people just feel skilled but lack sound? Why do some people use various techniques but still make people unable to appreciate the deeper meaning? What really impresses people is not how superb your technique is, nor how many decorative accents you use, but whether you are interpreting this piece with your own heart.

I don’t know if you have ever heard of those masters who created the music, and when you interpret the music with your true feelings, it is very pleasant and deeply immersing in it. It was as if he was there, listening to his storytelling. An excellent tune not only has a beautiful melody, but also the lyrics and artistic conception will make people imaginative. The perfect combination of the two will show us a moving story, a beautiful scene or an unforgettable memento.


So how to interpret a beautiful piece, in addition to some saxophone technical skills that must be mastered, there must be other things in mind, which is what we often call “artistic accomplishment”. A person’s artistic accomplishment not only depends on the professors in the university, but also the appreciation of various arts in daily life. Rich social experience is the unique advantage of our vast saxophone amateurs. If we can combine our own feelings about life with music and interpret it with an appropriate piece, then this piece will have a soul and a foundation. There is also a desire to express the soul.

But if you play the sarah just for performance, there’s nothing else to do except get “habitual” applause from some friends. If you are performing this song with your true feelings, it will cause a series of “shocks” in the hearts of others, and there will be a “resonance” of the soul, which will make everyone stand up for you from the heart. Thumbs up, because you not only express your own emotions with the saxophone, but also express the expectations of others with the saxophone.

The generation of an idea, the emergence of an inspiration, and the taste of an artistic conception may take a long time and a lot of energy. Therefore, for any person, it is impossible for him to have a piece of music a day, and all of them can move people’s hearts. Only by practicing for a long time, pondering and studying for a long time, understanding the background of the creation, and listening to the stories in it, can he play each piece with his heart. Every sentence.

The saxophone is a musical instrument, and the ultimate purpose of our learning it is not limited to mastering various fingerings and techniques, but should use the saxophone to show the art of music and use it to express the deepest things in our hearts.


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