What are the effects of practicing thinking on the saxophone?

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Is there a lot of saxophone players who often start to play the tune from beginning to end when practicing saxophone, practice over and over again, in fact, the efficiency of this kind of practice is very low.

But later you will find that after a long time, your progress is not very obvious, and the problems you encountered in the original song still exist, and you will find that there is no difference in playing the same as before.

When you want to improve your basic saxophone skills, you should think about how to solve these problems, so as not to waste your practice.

Of course, here we are talking about practicing thinking. When practicing saxophone, you should study sentence by sentence, practice sentence by sentence, practice sentence by sentence, and when the first When one sentence reaches your satisfaction, move on to the next sentence.

When you do this, and finally connect these in series, you will find that the taste of the whole song will change. And there is also progress.

Also, don’t ignore the marks in the saxophone staff. Every empty beat and every group of ventilation are useful, and there are no useless notes. In the score, any punctuation is useful.

If you feel very laborious in the process of playing the saxophone, then you must improve your breath and usage, use up the breath properly, and replace it, it will have a better effect.

Transforming a way of thinking to learn saxophone will make the level of saxophone further.


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