How Can You Improve Your Saxophone Tone?

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In order to further improve the sound of the saxophone, you need to do a good job in the following aspects.

The first point is the hardware. Before playing the saxophone, the hardware equipment of the saxophone should be debugged. What does the hardware include: the flexibility of the keys, the leakage of the tube body, and the matching of the mouthpiece and the reed. Important role, if the match is not good, the sound of the whole saxophone will not be much better.

The second point is how your own breath control is. First, you must remember to use the power of your dantian to blow when you make a sound. This way the sound will be very stable and the tone will be very good. The sound of the mouth gives gas, so the gas that appears is not long-lasting and often cannot be relieved

The third point is technique. The saxophone itself is also skilled. Portamento, articulation, etc., as well as mouth shape, will affect your technique. You must know that you can’t eat a fat man in one bite

The fourth point is aesthetics. Many people have done very well in the first three points, and their skills are also very good, but they still can’t play touching songs. At this time, they must examine themselves, whether they are playing each song. With emotion, whether it is moving or not, a certain aesthetic ability and appreciation ability also play a big role in the timbre of the saxophone. A good voice must come from the bottom of your heart. When you contain deep affection and love, the tune must be much more beautiful than the one you only have skills without emotion and aesthetic ability.


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